Happy Tails Training


Here at Happy Tails we believe that training should always be a positive experience for you and your dog. Training is not just about teaching your dog some cool tricks but about setting them up with the skills to be well rounded, social dogs.
Unfortunately, behavioural problems are one of the main reasons many dogs find themselves surrendered to the pound. Many of these problems could have been helped or even prevented with the correct training.  

At Happy Tails we are firm believers in “prevention is better than the cure” which is why our trainer Aisling specialises in puppy development and training.
While working with puppies is really enjoyable it is also extremely important, it gives owners and puppies the right information and skills setting everyone up for success.

Happy Tails use only force free, positive reinforcement training methods that have been proven time and time again to be most effective in both helping dogs learn and building a great relationship with your dog.

We offer private one to one training, group classes and informative workshops. Please drop us an email or give us a call for further information.